Avoid Rural Excitement – New Katakwi District Boss Advises

By Francis Ocen





The LCV Katakwi district has urged newly elected and sworn in local council leaders to shy away from excitement.


Geoffrey Omolo, former LCIII Getom sub county now LCV Katakwi district told this website this morning 25th May 2021 that most of the leaders swim in excitement especially after swearing in.


Omolo added that most leaders start overspending, and entering into debts thereby causing burdens they cannot manage.


“Most of the newly elected leaders want to show the community that they are leaders and have entered government,” Omolo said arguing that it is the beginning of the downfall of the career.


The newly sworn in district boss who seems confident with his five-year journey also called upon leaders to respect the electorates who elected them to the positions they now hold.


“Therefore, this will let the electorates not to judge their leaders in a bad way but will help them have hope and trust in you as a leader,” Omolo said.


If leaders continue with excitement of leading others instead of being their servants, they will end in dust and rocks. Omolo advised.


Meanwhile, Eilor David Kadogo, the LCIII chairperson Getom sub county promised to work with the community with respect and humility.


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