“Sasi Kunyama” Star, Winnie Nwagi at It Again

Sassy, Hot Pictures inside

By Judith Nasenya



Winnie exposes her butt in a rare damage suit

Our own local artist known as Winnie Nwagi lately released her latest song called ‘Masasi kunyama’ literally meaning ‘live bullets direct on a body’ which has taken most of her followers’ attention like never before. If u get the opportunity to listen to the song there is somewhere she mentions that there are people who get hurt just because of the way someone dresses.


‘’when am in love, I don’t want to know about other things,” she said in her new song. This gives a reason as to why we see ‘’ Sasi kunyama’’ singer dress and post her nude pictures for the public to see without getting ashamed or minding about what people say.

Thigh power menu on the table. What else will this Sasikunyama star leave out?

Recently, that was last month, we saw Winnie Nwagi posting her picture when she is half naked. She has made it worse when she recently posted on her Facebook page an almost naked pic.


This time, she has decided to expose all her juicy body parts showing her attractive hips that every man can die for while putting on a swimming costume.

Then Kundi show, Winnie bares it all

This gives a reason why ‘’Ssasi kunyama’’ singer finds challenges in getting a man who truly loves and ready to make her his wife.

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