Step Mom Injects 6 Year Old Son with Paraffin, On The Run

By Solomon Hamala

Police in Iganga are hunting for a 20 year old woman for allegedly
trying to end her husband’s 6 year old son’s life.

The hunted, Namukose Mariam is said to have attempted to end Arnold Mukonde Samuel’s life when she injected him with paraffin.
Namukose was accusing the
minor for eating like a glutton and being so much loved by the father.
Namukose is said to have married Arnold’s father, Isaac Bogere
Isabirye 18 months ago, following a failed marriage between Bogere and the child’s mother.
Arnold’s grandmother, Nagwanja Beatrice said she learnt of the
incident when the boy narrated the story to her.
“He came crying in the night. Asking him what the matter was, he told
me the step mom hand injected him with paraffin”, Beatrice said adding
that the boy also added that she had been mistreating him; beating him up, subjecting him to heavy labor and denying him food.
The boy was rushed to Iganga hospital where he was attended to save his life.
Namukose fled Bogere’s home after the boy narrating the incident to
the grandmother.
“I confronted her and she admitted committing the act. She however
fled immediately after”, Beatrice said.
The OC CID Iganga, Agatha Aguti condemned the act an noted that
Namukose is being hunted to answer charges of attempted murder.
She also added that Bogere is in police custody to help police in
their investigations.
The incident happened on the night of 27th 06 at Bukyaye A village,
Nakalama Sub County in Iganga district.
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