RDC Destroys 4 Hectares of NUP Supporter Marijuana


By John Ogulei




The Soroti District Resident Commissioner Patrick Okumu has destroyed four hectares of Marijuana located in Katine Sub County Soroti District.

According to Okumu, the decision was reached by the District Security committee after they realized that Marrijuana was planted illegally.

He says that the Marijuana farm located about 10 kilometers out of Soroti Town has been a hub to hundreds of youth who have been flocking the area to smoke the herbal medicine with hope of helping them reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19.

He noted with concern that as a result hundreds of youth have run mad while others have got mental disorders.

The Owner of the Farm has been identified as Edel Anthony who according to sources in Katine doesn’t reside in the area but stays in Kampala.

Okumu while offloading the Marrijuana plants at Soroti District Local Government Headquarters however revealed that his efforts to inform the farm owner the effects of marijuana has he openly told him that he doesn’t believe in NRM Government but believes and serves in the Government of NUP headed by Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi.

“He refused to listen to me and said am just an appointee of President Museveni who has no powers to direct him on what to do,” Noted Okumu

Meanwhile, Simon Peter Edoru Ekuu, revealed that as a district they have so far registered more cases of youth getting mentally disturbed across the district.

He also said that they have got more evidence of more marijuana plantations in the district, noting that they have information of close to 20 more farms.

On the other hand, he has warned the public against growing, possessing, selling and consuming the drug adding that police will arrest and prosecute those implicated.

According to police reports, marijuana is mainly grown in the sub counties of Katine, Ochuloi and Kamuda and most of this is smuggled and sold in Kampala.


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