DP Calls for More COVID-19 Supplies to Soroti Hospital as Admissions Surge

By John Ogulei




The Democratic Party (DP) President General has called upon Government through the Ministry of Health to immediately increase COVID-19 medical supplies to Soroti Regional Referral Hospital. The call follows an upsurge in COVID-19 admissions in the Hospital and infections surge.


Norbert Mao made the remarks on Tuesday 24th August 2021 while addressing the media at Timisha Hotel, Soroti. He was speaking during the launch of the Permanent Campaign geared towards strengthening the DP Party Structures in Teso ahead of 2026 polls.


Currently, Soroti Regional Referral Hospital is registering the highest number of COVID-19 admissions daily with the Hospital administration estimating the daily admissions at 8 to 10 patients.


Speaking recently, the Hospital COVID-19 focal point person, Dr. Wilson Etolu told journalists that Soroti hospital hosts over 75 positive patients.


According to Mao, Teso has become a hotbed of COVID-19 and calls on the government through the Ministry of health to allocate more resources to fighting COVID-19 in Soroti.


He said Soroti being the main route between South Sudan and Kenya needs specialized attention from the government by providing testing facilities, ensuring a good monitoring system and supplying more PPEs to enable health workers perform their duty on time.


He also called on the Teso Members of Parliament to jointly bring the matters of Soroti Regional Referral Hospital to the spotlight by raising it on the floor of parliament. Mao argues that by so doing, Parliament can pass a supplementary budget to help rescue the alarming situation in the region.


When asked if there was a need for the supplementary budget for COVID-19 response, Mr. Mao said that putting more resources into the COVID-19 fight is inevitable. He however called upon Government to wipe out the corrupt ministry of health officials.


“I totally agree with that and I pray Members of Parliament once the matter is brought to the table, will approve it,” Mr. Mao said.


He also hailed Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for spearheading the fight against COVID-19.


“If there is a person who fears COVID-19, it’s not more than President Museveni and his style of leadership has made many to believe that COVID-19 is deadly and I want to thank him for being exemplary,” Mr. Commended President Museveni.


Mao also hailed Ministry of Health for working tirelessly in the fight against COVID-19.

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