Renowned Teso Herbalist Cures COVID-19 Positive Patients in Soroti

By John Ogulei




At least five confirmed persons who tested COVID-19 positive and sought services a renowned traditional herbalist in the Eastern District of Soroti have recovered from the deadly pandemic.


The Patients according to Matilida Akello Omoding, the Chairperson of Traditional Herbalists in Eastern Uganda visited her after they were advised by the authorities at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital to stay under home-based care as their symptoms not mild.


Speaking to this reporter yesterday 25th August 2021, Matilda said from the time President Museveni instituted a second lockdown, several clients including those who haven’t tested positive of COVID-19 have been visiting her home for advice.


“My home during the Lockdown period became a hub of people including those who were not positive. I have managed to treat five people and they have both recovered,” Akello said.


Akello also believes that the traditional herbs if well used will help in eradicating several illnesses.


“I strongly believe in the power of traditional herbs. They shouldn’t be used sparingly, instead they must be adopted as an important part of a treatment plan, along with conventional medicines,” she said.


She added that, “I honestly don’t understand why everyone casts doubt on the effectiveness of traditional herbs in treating modern day diseases like coronavirus. We must trust our indigenous knowledge of things.”


“Lemon grass works so wonderfully to me, it soothes my throat, clears my nose and protects me against any virus,” she said.


“These traditional remedies have been in use for ages in our societies and many have been helped by them, including myself and my family,”Akello said.

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