Katakwi District Grappling With Transportation of Patients

By Emmanuel Okol




The District Health Officer Katakwi District has expressed his disappointment on the ill status of the health transport system in the district.

Emmanuel Ongala expressed his dissatisfaction of the heath transport system yesterday afternoon 1st September 2021 at his office in Katakwi district headquarters.

He said that, the district has one government functional ambulance that is outdated and has forced the hospital to use pick-up vans for carrying patients for referrals which is not proper.

Ongala added that the current functional ambulance at the district was purchased over 18 years ago and it’s not in a good state because it keeps on breaking down even when a patient is onboard.

Consequently he has called upon the political arm at the district most especially the Members of Parliament to lobby for ambulances from the Ministry of Health and other relevant authorities.


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