Amuria District Authorities Decry High Fertility Rates

By Cuthbert Otim




The authorities in the eastern district of Amuria have decried the high fertility rates induced by poor family planning attitude.

These sentiments were raised by the district leaders during a training workshop meant for women in leadership organized by Forum for women in democracy (FOWODE) last week under the strict observance of SOPs at Top Guest House in Amuria town.

‘Every couple or individual has the freedom to choose how many children they want to have and the freedom to decide the timing and spacing of any pregnancy. Family planning helps protect women from any health risks that may occur before, during or after childbirth,’ said Charles Ejimu, the Amuria District Planner.

Ejimu encourages women in the district to adopt Family planning because it enables women to be healthier and have more equal opportunities to pursue education, a career, and financial security. With fewer children to support, families can accumulate greater assets and invest more in their children’s health and well-being.

Research demonstrates that family planning improves child survival by lengthening the birth interval. In fact, if women delay a subsequent birth by about 2 years, child survival improves at all ages up to 5 years. Longer birth intervals result in a reduction of very high order births.

According to Ejimu, the Amuria fertility birth rate stands at 4.8% and child population stands at 52% which he said was alarming and it has crippled household income improvement in the district.

High fertility poses health risks for children and their mothers, detracts from human capital investment, slows economic growth, and exacerbates environmental threats.


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