Gate Way Bus Company Outsmarts Rivals By Cutting Fares

By Nathan Eyagu




Different passengers in Soroti City have been left excited after Gate Way Bus Company in Soroti City reduced costs of traveling to major routes.


The reduction in the fares is the talk of town because bus/taxi fares were generally doubled following a directive that public transporters should only carry half capacity.


While having an interview with this website yesterday 7th September 2021, Toloi Kassim, the Gate Way Bus Services Manager in soroti said that it was time they dropped prices of travel to and back from different destinations.


“We are doing this to appreciate our customers during this Covid period and am glad people are appreciating a lot,” he added.


Kolou Emmanuel, a passenger traveling to Wera in one of the gate way buses said he was happy because his journey was made easy as he paid only 15,000 ugx compared to the 25,000ugx that he once paid for traveling to the same destination.


“It’s a big difference, these people are understanding compared to others as for me who is traveling to Moroto, am only paying 30,000ugx compared to 80,000 ugx charged before,” said yet another passenger.


The cost of traveling to different destinations is as follows;


Soroti to Mbale -10,000 ugx


Soroti to Kampala – 25,000 ugx


Mbale to Kampala – 15,000 ugx


Soroti to Jinja to Iganga -25,000 ugx


Soroti to Moroto – 30,000 ugx


Soroti to Kotido – 40,000 ugx


Soroti to Kaabong – 50,000 ugx


Soroti to Karenga – 60,000 ugx


Soroti to Gulu – 40,000 ugx


Soroti to Busia – 25,000 ugx


By press time, about five buses out of the six owned by the company had left to different destinations with only one on standby while other buses from other companies were still running after customers.

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