Why Budaka District Councillors Want District Service Commission Boss Fired

By David Omoding

A section of Budaka district councilors have petitioned the Ministry of Local Government and public service respectively over what they called fraudulent and unprocedural appointment of Mr. John Kasita as chairperson district commission.

In their petition dated 23rd August 2021 addressed to the chairperson public service commission, which the two ministries confirmed receipt on 26th august 2021 the councilors want Mr. Kasita’s appointment quashed with the utmost contempt it deserves.

The councilors said the ministry should subject Kasita’s file to a comprehensive audit adding that this will pave way for the redemption of the already lost integrity and public trust in the budaka district service commission.

According to the petition signed by at least 20 councilors in support, led by Hon. Anthony Kateu district councilor representing iki-iki sub county, the procedure and process leading to the appointment of Mr. Kasita during the council meeting on 12th August 2021 was a sham.

‘’We the undersigned members of budaka district council do hereby bring to your attention our utmost displeasure and dissatisfaction with the process and/or procedure leading to the appointment of Mr. John Kasita as the new chairperson of budaka district service commission.

Whereas Section 54(2) of the local government act CAP 243 provides for the appointment members and chairperson of the DSC by the district council.

However, in the council meeting convened by the district speaker, there was no such a thing on the order paper as by law required rule 18(3) of the standard rules of procedure, neither was there an amendment of the Order Paper as provided for under rule 18(5) of the rules’’ the petition read in part.

The councilors said Mr. Kasita has a number of unanswered questions about his integrity and track record alleging that he was forced to resign his post as director small towns water project in the ministry of water on the orders of President Museveni over gross abuse of office.

The councilors noted that typical of a predetermined conspiracy to carry out this fraudulent act against the will of people, before the commencement of the council sitting councilors were subjected to a falsified Covid 19 test at budaka health center four.

The previous council, had nominated the name of Stephen Dison Kalebbo former chairperson LGPAC for the post, unfortunately he succumbed to covid 19.

The feud over the chairmanship of the DSC comes at the time when the district is struggling to recruit parish chiefs to implement the Parish Development Model.

During his address to council recently Mr. Emmanuel Pajje the district chairperson after observing the moment of silence for the departed souls said there’s need to have a suitable replacement, but quickly added that currently the district is using the Kibuku DSC for its operation.

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