NRM’s Lydia Wanyoto Loses Election Petition Against Galiwango


By Wetondo Denis Julius




High court sitting in Mbale city has today afternoon, the 30th September, 2021 dismissed an election petition with costs filed by Lydia Wanyoto Mutende against Hon Connie Galiwango the current woman MP for Mbale City.


Wanyoto who was the NRM flagger bearer candidate in the last election, petitioned against Galiwango who won the elections on the independent ticket on grounds that  she pocketed the security of Mbale city.

She also accused her of involving in malpractice which helped her to get victory.


Wanyonto went further and accused Connie for having used unknown people who caused violence on several polling stations and beating up her polling agents in North road polling satation, and Nawuyo primary school polling station.


While reading the judgment, Andrew Bashaija, the judge dismissed the petition saying that Galiwango proved evidence that she had all the affidavits. The judge also says that the petitioner’s side failed to bring enough evidence proving that Connie was indeed involved in malpractice.


While speaking to the media at Mbale high court shortly after the judgment, Connie expressed her happiness with the judgment saying that she is now going to continue serving her people.


Lydia Wanyoto however wasn’t satisfied with court’s decision and said she was going to court of appeal.

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