Stop Corruption or Face IGG – Ethics Minister Rallies Bugisu Leaders

By Wetondo Denis Julius



The Minister of Ethics and Intergrity also woman Member of Parliament for Karenga District yesterday afternoon 11th November 2021 warned Bugisu region Leaders against involving in corruption.


Akello Rose Lilly sounded the warning while having a consultative meeting with the stake holders at Mbale city council hall.

The minister said nowdays people have involved themselves in corruption a lot which has limited the growth of our country.

She adds that you find the resident district commissioner [RDC] behaving like a member of parliament getting in the bussness which he or she is not supposed to be in.

The minister also said that people have turned away from the traditional way of behaving which has led to the increased corruption in the country. She also said we should copy the ways of our traditional leaders who used not to be paid but worked tirelessly to make sure that the country runs in the right direction.

Ahamed Washaki, the Resident City Commissioner Mbale city also says that this increased corruption in the country and Bugisu region in particular is caused by reluctant government workers who don’t mind about their work but instead wait for bribes.


He adds that he has started on them mostly and mentioned the Nakaloke government land grabbers  and Health workers at  Mbale Regional referral Hospital who request money from patients before giving them services.

Washaki also sounded a loud warning to Mbale City workers who report to their places of work late saying he is going to deal with them because that is improper use of tax payers money.

However, Moses Bukenya Seguya, the Chief Administrative Officer Mbale urged the government to  increase their salaries so as to stop corruption and maintain their standards of living.

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