Police Arrests 48 Counterfeit Currency Dealers in Kamuli

By Our Reporter


Police in Kamuli district over the weekend arrested over 48 suspects in an operation against counterfeit currency dealers and distributors in Kamuli.


The suspects allegedly majorly operate in Buwaji, Kasambira and Nawanyago trading centers in Kamuli district. Police operatives also retrieved three numberless motorcycles, several motorcycle number plates, two television sets, two mattresses and one bundle of counterfeit currency notes.


It is reported that the suspects target mainly civil servants and members of the business community who have stable sources of income and are reluctant to alert police authorities after being scammed.


The suspects camouflage as land brokers and when they realize that their victims have ready cash to purchase the non-existent property, they, in turn, convince them to procure US dollars at a lower rate, only to realize later that these currency notes are fake.


One of the local leaders in Nawanyago trading centre told the media on condition of anonymity that the suspects are highly connected individuals who are never apprehended despite several complaints levelled against them in both Kamuli and the surrounding districts.


Busoga North police spokesperson, Michael Kasadha says that their detectives gathered intelligence information indicating that the clique of counterfeit currency dealers had reorganized its members into smaller groups and were targeting to fleece unsuspecting victims during the festive season.


Kasadha adds that the prime suspect, Sowedi Igombya is still at large, but efforts of tracking him down are underway.

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