Mbale City Council Sitting Ends in Blows

By Wetondo Denis Julius




Industrial City Council meeting ended prematurely as councilors went for each others necks and exchanging blows.


The meeting that was called on 14 December2021 could not proceed after majority of councilors protested the introduction of Item 5 on the Agenda.


Item 5 sought to approve the Business Committee Minutes for 22/08/2021, 24/08/2021 and 16/09/21 which relates to land matters still before court.


The scuffle then ensued when the Speaker, Kassaja with the help of a few councilors insisted the item should be part of the day’s deliberations.



While speaking to this reporter, Okaye Wilson, the youth male councilor representing Industrial Division accused the Speaker of smuggling issues into the Agenda with the intention of dealing with land grabbers.


He further accused the Speaker of refusing to cooperate with the Mayor, Mahamood Masaba before presenting issues to Council.


He also says the time they call for the meetings is not accordance to the law claiming that they just send them text messages at night when the following day is the meeting.


Salaam Nanduda who was affected by blows said she participated in the fight to show men councilors that the law has to be followed and promised never to stop until theyissues are worked upon.


The Speaker however denied the allegation that he is not willing to cooperate with his Mayor.


He also adds that the councilors should practice the law and quote the law sections rather than making noise in the sittings.


Meanwhile, the Mayor Industrial City also blamed the Speaker of not consulting him on several things but rather does things his own way.


“I know the Speaker did not support me in the recent elections but we should forget that sand work together for the growth and development of the City,” the Mayor said.

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