Kumam Cultural Heritage to Hold Annual General Meeting

By Steven Enatu




The leadership of the Kumam Cultural heritage, a steering committee for the election of Won Atekerin-Papa Kumam has called for an Annual General meeting due to take place on Friday 28th Jan 2022.


However, Charles Ebayu Ocen, the chairperson of Kumam Cultural Heritage could not disclose what shall be discussed in the AGM saying that journalists shall find out that day.


The election of Won Atekerin, the cultural leader of the Kumam community in Kaberamaido district was first postponed to July 16, 2021, as clan leaders address legal requirements however due to covid-19 pandemic, its was suspended indefinitely .


The first attempt was done on the 5th June 2021 at Kaberamaido town council for the election of various clan heads.


According to the Kumam cultural heritage constitution, Won Atekerin is supposed to be a Kumam of 60 years and above with an ‘O’ level qualification.


He should also be a leader at the ‘Won Ebuku’ (county) level.

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