Shock as Bees Arrest Mobile Money Fraudster

By Julius Wetondo


A Witchdoctor Mr Ali Mukasa (Omusawo Omunyoro) from  Masindi has used bees to arrest a Mobile Money Fraudster in Mbale City.
The unidentified man who stole Ugx800,000 from a mobile money agent at Muzuri house on Pallisa road in Mbale city was arrested yesterday afternoon, 10th February, 2022 and was later handed over to police.
The owner of the mobile money whose name is withheld told this reporter that she was at her business and three unknown men came, one asked for withdrawal of Ugx800,000 after putting in a pin  then he showed her a fake message however when checked on her account the money was already withdrawn. She says by then, the trio had disappeared.
“When i informed my friend she told me not to get worried, she gave me a number of a witch doctor who had arrested someone at Aswan market in Mbale to try but when i decided to try him i recovered Ugx690,000 but they had used 110000/=” She added.
Mr. Nambilo George a resident of Mbale said he was surprised when  he saw the man who stole money coming back with the money and bees on his hand.
However, Mr Ali Mukasa the witch doctor from Masindi district informed  our website that whenever he goes anywhere he gives out his number for helping people to reach him to avoid fake people who could cheat the clients using his name.
“I was at home in Western Uganda in masindi district and i recieved  a call from  someone  who wanted my help telling me that they had stollen her capital from her mobile money.
“We treat many diseases, recover stolen things, home problems like marriage issues,those who don’t produce, problems in businesses, those looking for Jobs etc.” Witch doctor said.
He adds that before someone gets his service, you first report to police and get the reference number before he can act.
He said for those who need help contact them on 0780184493 /0752703107 .
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