Angry Katakwi Residents Burn Two Karamojong Cattle Rustlers to Death

By Nathan Eyagu
The territorial police of katakwi central police station has today Friday the 11th day of February 2022 registered case vide CRB 060/2022 involving murder by mob justice that was reported by Hon.Iteit Moses the LC 3 Chairperson of Ngariam Sub-county in katakwi district.
According to the police spokes person for east kyoga region ASP Ageca Oscar Gregory,it’s alleged that today in the wee hours of 11/02/2022 at around 01:00AM, a group of about eight (8) Karamojongs raided the home of one Anoku Simon, a resident of Abwalakou Village,Adipara parish, Ngariam subcounty, within Katakwi district ,with intent to raid and steal cattle however while they were trying to make away with the cattle, they were seen and heard thus causing alarms that brought in residents armed with clubs, bows and arrows , chased the raiders thus killing two of the raiders while the rest took off to unknown destination.
“The police is cognizant of the fact that Karamojongs from the districts of Napaka,moroto,Kotido , Kabong, et cetera periodically carry out raids to steal animals and in the process the communities where they raid have lost property or died or been in killed as a result of direct action of the raiders or indirectly as a result of the raids. However, this doesn’t grant communities a right to kill since it’s a non-derogable right only removed through sentence of a competent court and that those involved shall be arraigned before the courts of law”, Ageca added
He further advised the public to inform the security officials if and when Karamojong cattle raiders are seen to help the government effort towards disarmament and improving security of the citizenry.
By press time,the community had burnt the two bodies to ashes and beyond recognition using petrol and firewood and Five of the residents who got injured in the tumult were rushed to Katakwi main hospital.
The Police of Katakwi headed by the DPC visited the Scene of crime with other officers responded to the incident, recorded relevant statements, conveyed the remains of the deceased persons to Katakwi general hospital but postmortem couldn’t be carried out as the bodies were burnt beyond parameters of a postmortem.
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