Gazette Landing Site Where First Catholic Missionaries Landed in Uganda –Archbishop of Kampala Diocese

By Sadique Bamwita



The Archbishop of Kampala Diocese has asked Entebbe Municipal Authorities to gazette Kigungu Landing Site Church for tourist attraction.

Archbishop-Semogerere being congratulated by catholic believers

Kigungu Landing Site is where the first Catholic missionaries including Bro. Amans Delmas and Pere Simeon Lourdel landed in Uganda in February 17, 1879.


Archbishop Paul Semogerere made the call in his maiden service at Kigungu Landing site on Sunday 20th February, 2022


The man of God said that it’s very important to respect Kigungu Fishing site while marking 143years since the catholic missionaries landed in Uganda in their effort to spread catholic faith in the country and tasked Entebbe Municipal council to Gazette the church compound as a tourist attraction.


“The fishermen should stop using the church compound and council should reign in to gazette this compound for tourists who come to tour our church where the two catholic missionaries landed.” He urged.


He also warned catholic believers against indulging in evil acts that have led to skyrocketing acts of impunity.


“You should lead by example and therefore avoid acts that are ungodly. We need to front God in whatever we do for proper guidance.” He said.


Archbishop Semogerere urged parents to raise their children in religious culture in order to have good morally upright children who fear God.


“Properly brought up children are not threats to the society because they are brought up in a religious set up. You should therefore, teach your children God right from childhood,” said Archbishop Semogerere.


He urged catholic believers to desist from mob justice saying no one has a right to kill another and that they should leave court to punish whoever who is found guilty of committing an offense.


Fabrice Rulinda, the Entebbe Mayor assured the man of God that council will soon open boundaries to bar fishermen from trespassing on the Church land at Kigungu fishing site.


Michael Kakembo Mbwatekamwa, the Entebbe Municipality Legislator also the leader of laity for Lunyo parish congratulated Archbishop Semogerere upon being consecrated as the Archbishop of Kampala diocese.

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