Clan Leaders Elect Emolot Interim Emorimor as ICU Cabinet Dismisses Election

By Nathan Eyagu

A section of Iteso Cultural Union led by the Council of Clans has today 2,march,2022 named the Iteso Council of Clans chairperson, Paul Sande Emolot as the interim emorimor who will steer the union for six months till the new emorimor is elected.
Emolot’s leadership follows the untimely death of the former emorimor Augustine Osuban Lemukol who passed on 5th February,2022.
“I strongly accept to steer ICU for the six months and I shall work hard to unite all the Iteso”, Emolot said as the clan heads celebrated.
Emolot’s leadership was pronounced by the ICU speaker Okuma John Francis following the ICU constitution in article number 17 that allows the Council of Clans chairperson to steer the union following circumstances that befell the incumbent emorimor in a ceremony attended by different clan heads from different parts of teso and Busia at the ICU head quarters in soroti city.
It should also be noted that Emolot was suspended from ICU by the late emorimor before he passed on and on the 1st march,2022 Okurut Augustine Omare the ICU prime minister wrote a letter to the soroti city security heads requesting them to block the meeting that was to take place today at the ICU head quarters but it all failed as the ceremony went on peacefully even without the presence of most of the ICU cabinet members.
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