AYABAAS! Emolot Dissolves Rebellious ICU Cabinet

ICU Cabinet refused to recognize election of Emolot as Interim Emorimor

By John Ogulei




The Interim Iteso Cultural Union Leader His Highness Paul Sande Emolot together with the ICU council members have dissolved the current ICU cabinet headed by Augustine Okurut Omare over incompetence.


The council and the interim Emorimor made a decision after the speaker of Council John Francis Ekuma notifying the leadership that the current cabinet has not attended the last 4 council sessions despite being invited.


The motion to dissolve the cabinet was moved by Francis Edison Echodu and was seconded by Olivia Tabaise who said that there was no need for the interim leader to work with people who are not cooperative.


As our reporter reports, H.H Emolot has named his new cabinet with him electing Prime Minister and Attorney General Ivan Engoru replacing Mzee Okurut Omare Augustine.


Others are; Deputy Prime Minister for Northern Teso, Mzee Venasio Omome, Teso South Peter Etyang, Eastern Kenya Adungo Fredrick, Teso Central Auma Dolotina.


He also named Andrew Ocole as foreign Affairs minister, Gabriel Opolot Information minister, Minister for Finance Mr Opule, Minister for Youth Omaje Moses, Minister for Investment and economic affairs Alloch William, Minister for Security Peter Ongaria, Minister for Culture Asekenye Joyce, Trade and Marketing Asabu David and Minister in charge of Office of the Emorimor, Etuket James.


H.H Emolot has also reinstated the services of the Iteso in the Diaspora by re-appointing Okwalinga Michael and Emong Solomon for ICU UK, Filda Lolem Germany and Dr. Ikatekit Southern Countries.


Other appointments include; Fr. Robert Ecogu, Rt. Rev. Obaikol Charles, Rt. Rev. Okile has advisors.

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