Why Bugweri Sent 87 District Employees into Early Retirement

By Solomon Hamala




The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Bugweri has revealed why the district sent 87 of its employees into early retirement.


Nelson Kirenda made the revelation while speaking at the one day training for primary head teachers at Busesa mixed boarding primary school about the new lower primary curriculum yesterday 16th March 2022.


Kirenda said the 87 employees were relieved of their duties because of chronic absenteeism.



He said some employees had also devised a new method of absenting from duty by asking for long sick leave without approval from the relevant authorities at the ministry of health.


“There are four health consultants who are supposed to establish whether you qualify to get the sick leave or not but some of you simply take your own decisions,” he said.


Meanwhile, the CAO vowed to take disciplinary action against anyone found guilty of acquiring a lower cadre job in the district and later recruit someone to work on his or her behalf.


“People are getting jobs as porters or askaris and later hire someone to work on his or her behalf which is very bad. There are people who want those jobs and work genuinely but are being denied that chance,” he said.


Kirenda also clarified on why most teachers in private schools have not been able to receive the Shs100,000 Covid-19 relief money.


“The district is stuck with funds meant to serve as a COVID 19 relief to teachers in privately owned schools just because most of them are not registered with the ministry of education and sports.” He said.


He said majority of the private school teachers don’t have appointment letters while others are not in the pay roll of their respective schools.


He cautioned teachers against seeking loans from microfinance institutions but instead use established banking institutions avoid losing their assets.

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