JUST IN: Unidentified Body Found Dumped In Mbale City’s River Namazo

By Weswa Ronnie




Residents of Nabijo cell, Busamaga Ward, Industrial city division in Mbale city were in shock this morning, 5th August 2022 after discovering an unidentified body of a murdered man dumped alongside River Namazo.


According to Catherine Madagi, one of the area residents, they suspect the deceased to have been a boda boda rider who was most likely ambushed by thugs while on his way home at night.


She also said that according to the scene, a scuffle must have ensued and that is when the thugs cut him severally on the head before dumping him in the River.


Suleiman Mulyalya, the LCI chairperson of Nabijo cell blamed police neglect saying it is the major cause of insecurity in the area.


Mr. Mulyalya said, there is high increased insecurity in the area like theft, murder, rape, and drug abuse among youths.


Isaac Waniala, a councilor representing Busamaga Ward at Mbale city also accused police of withdrawing all night patrol and roadblocks over unknown reasons which have been curbing down these cases.


“I urge police to conduct a crackdown on idle youths in the area as a way of reducing these cases which are escalating in the area,’’ Mr. Wonial said.


Rogers Taitika, the Elgon region police spokesperson has confirmed the incident saying that the body has been taken to Mbale city mortuary for post-mortem.


He also said that security starts with local leaders at village levels before the police urging them to create security committees at village levels that can patrol the area with the help of armed police officers since police officers are few in number to man the whole Mbale city.

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