HEAVENLY INTERVENTION: Busoga Leaders Conclude One Week of Reconciliation Prayers

By Solomon Hamala



Kadaga and religious leaders

Religious and political leaders from Busoga sub region have concluded a one week of prayers in pursuit of peace, reconciliation and development.


The main prayers were held at Iganga Municipal Primary School playgrounds early this week.


The Bishop Central Busoga Diocese, Patrick Wakula who led prayers on bebalf of the Anglican faith urged Basoga to unite and always have respect for their leaders in case the area is to get rid of poverty.


Wakula said majority of Basoga are languishing in poverty simply because they have failed to respect their leaders and instead resort to hurling insults at them at public ceremonies or burials.


“Instead of approaching them for advice on how you can improve on your household incomes, people have now resorted to embarrassing them just because they never supported them in elections,” he said.


He hailed the ruling NRM government for ushering in freedom of worship that has enabled Ugandans to freely exercise their right at any time of the day without fear.


The Regional Khadi Busoga, Sheikh Doctor Boaz who led prayers on behalf of the Muslim faithful urged Muslims to always utilize sharia courts of law to solve differences within their homesteads instead of resorting to violence.


The prayers were organized by the Busoga development consortium in collaboration with the Inter- Religious Council of Uganda.


The First Deputy Prime Minister, Rebecca Kadaga who is also the patron of the Busoga development consortium said the prayers which is the first of its kind will help leaders reconcile besides mobilize locals to uplift their household incomes and improve on their life styles.


Kadaga who was flanked by the Third Deputy Prime Minister, Hajjat Rukia Nakadama said Busoga sub region previously used to be a food basket that served the entire country but currently imports all food stuffs from elsewhere just because people have resorted to growing sugarcane.

“There is need for our leaders to tell people that sugarcane growing is no longer profitable and they should resort to growing fast maturing crops,” she said.


She cautioned politicians in Busoga to desist from bickering on non-issues but instead embark on a program of sensitizing locals to embrace government programs like Parish Development Model if the area is to get rid of poverty.


The Minister for the Presidency, Milly Babalanda took the opportunity to seek forgiveness from anyone she could have hurt in the process of executing her duties.


“As we conclude the one week of prayers, I take this opportunity to request for forgiveness in case I could have hurt anyone during the process of executing my duties,” she said.


Babalanda hailed organizers of the prayers for organizing the prayers that will go a long way in addressing problems of immorality or bad behavior like bribery amongst government officials.


Nakadama urged Muslims to form SAACOS if they are to access funding from government.


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