Soroti City Authorities Move to Close Gaps In Local Revenue Collection Mismanagement

By Nathan Eyagu




Soroti City authorities have decried the continuous loss of money in local revenue collection and have devised measured to stop the cancer.


The officials who were attending a General Purpose Committee Meeting held at Soroti city offices yesterday 31st August 2022 afternoon raised concerns on how the city is losing millions of money in revenue collection through an act that’s practiced by unknown persons and a section of town agents.


The committee chaired by John Ekutelek, resolved to set new guidelines for the development of the city outlining a number of challenges that are limiting the steady development of the city like limited number of law enforcers as majority are not experienced.


Abraham Oriokot, the Chief Finance Officer explained to the committee that there are some notorious groups of people collecting revenue in different parts of the city thus widening the gap in revenue collection and that the public isn’t willing to report the culprits hence making it hard to punish them.


Oriokot tabled a resolution to stop printing of receipts from the city divisions and even those printed should pass through procurement processes to the stores because money is not reaching the city treasury.


He also added that the presence of volunteers in city divisions majorly in the department of finance has become an issue since they have become permanent employees and have taken years, describing them as overseers with some of them getting involved in acts of corruption during tax collection.


Meanwhile, the City Town Clerk, Emmanuel Okaja resolved to transfer town agents who have served for long in given parishes citing misuse of funds as they get used to finance officers in their respective divisions.


The committee chairman called for immediate action on the vice through working with other security bodies in the city to ensure that’ll those caught face the law.

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