Tororo District to Hold National World Rabies Day Celebrations

By Matthew Okello




Tororo district has been earmarked to host the 2022 World Rabies day celebrations scheduled for today, September 28.


The national celebrations will be held at the Lions Children Park located in Western Division of Tororo Municipality and it will be graced by the Minister of State for Animal Industry, Bright Rwamirama under the theme, “rabies One health Zero death.”


Dr. Maria Flavia Nakanjako, the senior veterinary officer and the focal point person -rabies control in Uganda says they have chosen Tororo district because it’s a rabies hotspot being a border district.


Dr. Nakanjako who was speaking during a press conference yesterday, 27th September 2022 at the Tororo deputy chief administrative officer’s office disclosed that 32 people die of rabies in Uganda every year and 40% cases are children below 15 years. To end this, the country annually procures more than 700,000 doses of rabies vaccines.


Nakanjako further revealed that they have so far vaccinated 2000 pets in Tororo district and they expect to vaccinate more than 1000 dogs and cats as part of the activities to mark today’s national celebrations.


Dr. Pakasi Daniel Nalapa, the Tororo District Veterinary Officer said that Tororo district is going to benefit a lot from this national celebration because it’s going to help the district address issues like deworming, spraying, washing and vaccinating all its pets.


He revealed that the district has so far lost more than 141 people resulting from dog bites with 37% of them being children below 15 years since they like inciting and provoking dogs. In 2022 alone, the district has so far lost 3 people with Tororo municipality as the most affected area due to high influx of stray dogs.


John Odoi, the Tororo district of Secretary Production says the district is privileged to host such an important day because rabies has become a serious problem in Tororo district disclosing that he has so far attended the burial of more than 5 people in the district as a result of the neglected rabies cases.


Tororo district Deputy Resident District Commissioner asked the community members to turn up in big numbers with all their unvaccinated pets so that they benefit from the event as they join the government in the commitment to erase rabies.


The president of Uganda Vet. Association, Dr. Daniel Kasibule says their target is to have zero rabies infections by 2030.


Rabies is a viral disease transmitted from the saliva of a rabid animal when it bites a human being and it is detected in dogs when they start fearing water and light.

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