40 DAYS: Soroti Police Nabs 5 Hardcore Armed Robbers in City Slum

By Steven Enatu/George Emuron




Police in Soroti East Kyoga have arrested five suspects who have been terrorizing the City in aggravated robberies.


The 5 were arrested yesterday, 24th October, 2022 in their hideout at Kigandani Cell in Soroti City East where police recovered an AK 47 SMG rifle number AK47-31048, a magazine containing 21 rounds of ammunition and 14 live ammunition.


This was revealed by the East Kyoga Police Spokesperson, Gregg Oscar Ageca in a press statement released this morning, 25th October 2022.


According to Ageca, the suspects are believed to have executed the robbery that took place on the 11th October 2022 where one Stella Apolot, a resident of Amen A cell in Soroti City West was robbed of Shs68 Million.


Ageca said that during the robbery, the victim was shot in the stomach by the criminals after she resisted with her bag containing money but they still managed to make off with it.


“The victim had picked the money from her husband one Stephen Elobu who operates a produce business in Soroti town,” Ageca said befoe adding that the robbers were trailed and arrested on the 24th Oct 2022 from kigandani cell in Soroti city east.


They are Vincent Opolon 68 year old, Ronald Kato 45 years, Isaac Opolon 22 years, Peter Eyamu 44 years and Justine Opali. Meanwhile 3 suspects are still on the run.


He said during the conduct of the same arrest three individuals identified as Osege, Ocheng Jude and Charles evaded arrest and are now on the run. “We are hunting for these suspects until we bring them to book,” said Ageca.

He said during the arrest, an AK 47 SMG rifle with number AK47-31048 was thrown outside with a magazine containing 21 rounds of ammunition and 14 live ammunition tied in a green and yellow cloth as the suspects tried to evade arrest.


“This gang and group of individuals are behind a series of robberies in the region for example a case of aggravated robbery where a business lady was robbed 6million shillings, ignition key for a bajaj motorcycle and five mobile phones that occurred on the 30th June 2022 in Maroon quarters. It’s also alleged that the same group is behind the robbery of about 15million shillings of one Vigila Opejo on the 22 April 2022 at 7:30pm in Kichinjaji cell Soroti city east,” Ageca noted.


Ageca said that most of the suspects are hardened criminals that include a convict who was once sentenced after he was found guilty of aggravated robbery, served his sentence and came out.


“We strongly believe the arrest of these hardcore criminals will help restore some peace and sanity in the region. We pledge to continue with intelligence led operations against violent armed gangs and its criminal network who pose a serious threat to safety and security in respective communities,” he said.


Police further appealed to persons who carry on cash businesses and other residents within East Kyoga to be mindful of their security and avoid carrying and traveling with huge sums of money especially at night.

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