Mutufu Town Council Releases Funds to Rehabilitate Gravity Flow Scheme Taps

By Weswa Ronnie




Mutufu town council local government in Sironko district has released eight million shillings to rehabilitate all gravity flow scheme taps.


Robert Giduyi, the LCIII chairperson of Mutufu town council says that the eight million is local revenue remittance given to them by the district for Financial Year 2021/2022.


While speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview at his office on Thursday, 3rd November, 2022 Giduyi said that the town council called for a meeting with all LCIs from all 24 active cells and they unanimously agreed to use the money for rehabilitating taps which were not functioning.


He added that works of repairing taps and pipes which were blocked in the town council have commenced.


Charles Wanda, LCI chairperson of Kikuyu cell and Patrick Gidongo, LCI chairperson of Kitagulu cell have expressed their happiness saying this is going to help people drink clean water.


They add that since 2000 when these taps were installed by the government under national water and Sewerage Corporation, most of them were not functioning denying locals access to clean and forcing them to resort to getting water from wells and nearby rivers.


The chairpersons urged locals to embrace paying taxes saying those are some of the benefits they can get as residents.

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