BUGISU: Umukuka Claimant Boycotts Latest Reconciliation Meetings

By Weswa Ronnie




Mike Mudoma, one of those claiming to be the legitimately elected Umukuka III in the Inzu ya Masaba Cultural Institution has boycotted the latest reconciliation efforts to get one leader.


The latest efforts currently ongoing in Mbale City despite Mudoma’s boycott is being spearheaded by Uganda Kings and Cultural Leaders Forum under the leadership of, His Highness, Isabaruuli the King of Buluuri, Izonzi Mwogeza Butamanya.


The boycott was confirmed to this reporter on Saturday, 5th November, 2022 by Richard Wambende from Mike Mudoma’s camp who described the boycott as intentional.


“We were not ready to be part of these reconciliations since Masaba cultural institution is not under Uganda King and Cultural Leaders Forum,” Wambende said.


Wambende also said that Bamasaba are wise people and they elected Mudoma as their cultural leader by following all laws so they see no reason for reconciliation.


The current move by the Isabaruuli follows the two years’ impasse where both Mike Mudoma and John Amuram Wagabyalire claim leadership of the cultural institution and many efforts to bring together the two have failed.


While speaking to media over the weekend  at Masaba cultural institution located at Malukhu in Mbale city, Sabaruuli blamed Mike Mudoma for shunning the meetings without any reason.


He added that this will not deter him from continuing with his work saying that on Monday (today, 7th November, 2022) he will organize the election between the two rivals after which he will take the name of the winner to the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development for gazettement.


Erick Mukhwana, the public relations officer of Masaba cultural institution said both claimants including their followers were invited but Mudoma has disappointed them by not turning up.


Mr Mukhwana said “Such people are the ones who want the institution to continue remaining in this confusion without having cultural leader such that they gain individually.”


Geoffrey Wepondi the prime minister of Masaba cultural institutions has urged Mudoma to have the heart of Bamasaba by turning up for today’s last meeting where elections are expected to be conducted.



He added that the institution is missing lots of developments and things from government as a result of not having a cultural leader for two years now.

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