Homos Warned Off FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

By Our Reporter




The Qatari authorities have issued a stern warning to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) activists against using the World Cup to be hosted in Qatar to further their cause.

Al Nasari full statement on LGBT activists

The warning was issued by Abdullah Al Nasari, Head of Security at the World Cup in Qatar this morning, 12th November, 2022 saying the Host Country can’t change her religion for 28 days.


28 days are the number of days the World Cup tournament shall take.


“If you want to express your views on LGBT cause, do it in a society where it will be accepted. Do not come and insult an entire society,” Al Nasari warned before adding that, “We will not change the religion for the 28 days.”


Al Nasari warned that should the activists raise rainbow flags in any stadium, those flags will be removed from them for their own security.


“If a fan raises a rainbow flag in a stadium and we take it away, it will not be because we want to offend him, but to protect him. If we don’t another spectator could attack him. If you buy a ticket, it is to attend football match and not to demonstrate,” Al Nasari warns.


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