Complete Fallen Masette Kuuya’s Flat – Bugisu Asks Government


By Weswa Ronnie




Bugisu leaders have joined relatives of late Patrick Masette Kuuya, the ex-minister for rehabilitation in Obote II regime in asking government to complete his house before bringing the body from Nairobi for burial.


Kuuya was born from Bumatoola I village, Bunangabo parish Khabutoola Sub County in Manafwa district and died on Tuesday from Nairobi Kenya where he had gone for exile since July 1985 after the overthrow of President Milton Obote II government by Tito Okello Lutwa.


Before Kuya went into exile, he left his house under construction which has never been completed up to now.


Nasan Wemembo, a brother to Kuuya says that it’s going to look shameful to bring the deceased’s body into this incomplete house.


He adds that it would be good if government took over the responsibility of completing the construction of the house.


Joshua Kuuya, another brother to Kuuya, says that it’s going to be shameful if they fail to get where to put the body of late Kuuya after bringing it for burial yet they expect big government officials from Uganda and Kenya to come and attend the burial.


John Musila, the MP for Bubulo East Constituency in Namisindwa district has agreed with the relatives saying that it’s going to be shameful to lack where to put the body of Kuuya yet he served this country as minister and lobbied lots of things for Bugisu like Mbale city stadium, Mbale –Lwakhakha road among others.


Mary Gorret Kitutu, the Minister for Karamoja Affairs, also woman MP for Manafwa district says that she has already addressed the matter to the office of the President and is waiting for response.

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