Budadiri Farmers Storm Ubora Specialty Coffee Company over Shs38M Non Payment

By Weswa Ronnie




Farmers from Buddairi town council in Sironko district yesterday evening, 23rd November, 2022 stormed Ubora special coffee company located at Industrial Area, Industrial City Division in Mbale city for failure to clear their 30 million shillings.


Robert Mudenge, one of the farmers, says that in October, he together with his other 29 fellow farmers supplied over 10,000 kilograms of coffee to Ubora special coffee company but they were not paid cash.


He added that they were told to come back the following day and be paid which has never happened to date.


Ivan Naigoni, also a farmer from Budadiri town council, adds that their fellow farmers who entrusted them to sell coffee from Ubora special coffee company think that they have misappropriated their money.


He adds that they are going to mobilize their colleagues and hold a peaceful demonstration by matching from Budadiri.


However, some staff members this reporter spoke to but asked not to be named said the farmers were paid half of the money because the coffee they supplied has not yet been sold off by the company.


They add that they are doing what it takes to get money and pay these farmers before the end of this month.


Our efforts to get a comment from Michael Okech, the managing director of Ubora special coffee company never yielded any fruits by press time after saying that he was busy in a meeting when contacted.


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