UWA Registers Low Turnout of Tourists at Mt Elgon National Park

By Weswa Ronnie




Uganda Wild Life Authority has registered a low turnout of tourists at Mt Elgon National Park, this calender year.


This was revealed by Frederick Kizza, the manager of Mt Elgon national park while speaking to the media in a press conference yesterday Monday at Mt Elgon UWA office located at senior quarters in Industrial city Division in Mbale city.


Kizza was addressing the media about the coming of Tom Butime, the Minister for Tourism on the 20thof this month with the aim of promoting tourism at Mt. Elgon National Park.


Kizza said further that this year, they registered only 10% of tourists but added that they want this figure to rise to 30% in the next year.


Kizza also says that the low turn-up of tourists this year has been caused by the outbreak of covid19 which affected the world’s economy.


Kasimu Namugali, the Mbale City Mayor, says that when the minister comes they will carry out different activities like hiking at Mt Elgon National Park and sensitizing the community about the advantages of tourism among others.


He added that the coming of the Minister will create an impact on the increasing number of tourists at Mt Elgon National Park.


The Mayor urged people from the Bugisu sub region to start touring Mt Elgon national park and see animals, and cliffs, among others.

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