NAMISINDWA: 70 Year Old Man Caned 30 Strokes for Having Sex with Daughter In-Law

By Weswa Ronnie




A 70 year old man of Bunadele village, Bumayayo parish, Namboko Sub County in Namisindwa district has been given 30 strokes of hot canes after he was caught red-handed having sexual intercourse with his daughter in-law.


Ben Wetenda was yesterday, 3rd January, 2023 paraded before the LC1 Court which ruled that the devious old man be given 30 strokes, buy one jerrycan of local brew, one bunch of matooke and a sheep as a way of cleansing the pair.


According to Safu Sitangi, an eye witness and area resident, Wetende was found red handed playing sex with Khariate Nabutono, a wife of his biological son who is currently working in neighbouring Kenya inside his house.


Benjamin Muwumbwa, the LCI chairperson of Bunadele village told this website that they lashed Wetenda 30 strokes and that the cleansing rituals will be performed by clan leaders this Saturday, 6th January, 2023.


Davis Malinda, the former speaker of Namboko condemned what the two did saying that the pair deserve heavier punishment since they have abused traditional norms.


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