ECONOMY! Local Leader Dresses Stolen Goat in Cap, Shirt, Shorts& Shoes, Arrested in Namisindwa

By Weswa Ronnie




Police in Namisindwa District has arrested an LC 1 chairperson for being part and conniving with thugs who are terrorizing residents in the area.


Fred Masika Sikumba, the LC1 chairperson of Bubutu TC cell who residents last week found at night, carrying a stolen goat on a bicycle dressed with cap, shirt, pair of shorts and shoes with socks to confuse people was arrested yesterday 3rd February, 2023.

That night Masika escaped when he left the bicycle and took off leaving the stolen goat behind.



Masika’s 40 days however elapsed yesterday after the Namisindwa Resident District Commissioner, Frederick Bango organized a security meeting where locals were asked to vote for wrong elements in a secret ballot.


The security meeting which was held in Bubutu town council follows increased cases of theft in the area.


During the meeting, the RDC ordered locals to carry out secret ballot voting by writing names of people they suspect of being behind the insecurity cases on a piece of paper.


During voting, locals fronted the name of Fred Masika of being the ring leader of people who are disturbing the area after getting 50 votes.


Locals pinned the LC1 and other four residents in the area who took off but the RDC managed to arrest Masika who will help them to trace others on the run.


Moses Mutambo, the LC3 chairperson of Bubutu town council says that only last month, they registered over 50 cases of theft where unknown people break into people’s houses and douse them with chloroform before carrying all their household property.


He condemned what the LC1 chairperson is doing rather than being an example to other locals.

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