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Sports Minister, Ogwang Dishes Out Shs3M to Each Village in Ngariam County

By Benjamin Epeduno




“From 290 Villages, I’m giving 3M to each village as one way of empowering women,” Minister Ogwang said


Rural women saving in village groups across Ngariam County, Katakwi District in the Eastern part of Uganda are in final stages of receiving their cash from the office of the Minister of State for Education and Sports, Peter Ogwang (Area MP).


Ogwang revealed this on Saturday, 25th of February 2023 while meeting the LC1’S, LC2’s LC3’s and their parish councilors, district councilors and sub-County chiefs of Ngariam, Palam and Okore sub-counties at the headquarters of Ngariam county.


Ogwang who was joined by the former LC5 for Katakwi Hon Walter Elakas together with the invited leaders and technical staff of Ngariam County agreed to give each village Shs3million as part of his contribution to support the rural women who are actively saving, hence asking them to join saving groups.


“We have cash money totaling to 627million and pledges are over 230Million, time is up, this money is yours!, it’s me giving out this money not anyone,” Ogwang said.


He said President Museveni has agreed to support these groups in each end of the year it at all their performance is seen.


What you need to know

The disbursement is following a fundraising exercise that took place on 28th of January 2023 (Saturday) in Katakwi, where close to one billion shillings was collected with the aim of uplifting ordinary women from poverty. The fundraising gathered over 15,000 people.


Ogwang opened the fundraising with a centenary cheque of Shs200Million that he had put aside for his voters. He added that President Kaguta Museveni with pleasure gave him 50million and 20m from the first lady Janet K Museveni who is also his supervisor in the Ministry.


The Chief Guest who was, the Speaker of Parliament, the Rt. Hon Annet Anita Among ( AAA) pulled cash 150million towards supporting the rural women, saying she will again come to fundraise for the youth of Ngariam when Minister Ogwang sets a date.



Hon. Jane Ruth Aceng, the Minister of Health gave 10m and urged the public to demand such programmes from their leaders.


Other Ministers and Members of parliament, government employees and well-wishers also offered cash.



Projected population of Katakwi District for 2023 obtained from the office of the acting District planner and the population officer, Mr. Emmanuel Okiror.


Katakwi district has a projected population of 213,133 people living below the poverty line.



“The formula was given during the population census of the year 2014” Okiror added on Sunday 26th of February 2023.


PDM statistics for 2022?

The previous Parish Development Model (PDM) collected data is 225,831.


Accurate report from the returning officer for Katakwi, Martin Musoke.

Polling Stations in Katakwi District 193

Voters in Toroma County over 32,000

Voters in Ngariam County over 30,000

Voters in Usuk County about 18,000


Number of administrative units?

Counties, 3

Town councils, 4

Sub counties,16

Villages, 635



Break down of villages and parishes in each County.


Parishes 60

Villages 298


Parishes 44

Villages 219


Parishes 27

Villages 122


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