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SOROTI CITY: Water Crisis Enters Day Four with 20 Litre Jerrycan Costing Shs2000

By Steven Enatu




The community in Soroti City and its surrounding districts are currently experiencing water shortage.


The districts that all generate tap water from Awoja treatment plant in Soroti started experiencing water shortage on Tuesday,28th February, 2023.


Leni Otai, the area manager Soroti National water and sewerage corporation Awoja area attributes this to power fluctuation.


He said that when power voltage is low or high, their machines cannot pump water hence creating water scarcity.


“The challenge is mainly power, sometimes you have power but for us it can’t pump our water here, when we have low and high voltage, we can’t pump water. We have a standby generator but it can’t run all our pumps so we hope that the national power provider Umeme will help us resolve that,” he stressed.


Leni however noted that water is currently flowing in pipes for taps that are in low lying land and is optimistic that the problem shall be rectified soon.


In Soroti city, residents are struggling to access water with some trekking kilometers to draw water from the few nearby wells.


A 20 Liter Jerrican Of Water Is between 1000 to 2000 Shs.

Many are calling for the National Water and sewerage corporation to come to their rescue.

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