NAMISINDWA: Residents Dump Local Brew Inside Anglican Church

By Weswa Ronnie    




Shock engulfed Christians of Bulumera Church of Uganda Parish under Bupoto arch deaconry in Mbale diocese located at Buwatuwa Sub County in Namisindwa district on Sunday after discovering a bottle of alcohol locally known as [Malwa] inside the church.


According to Christians, people behind this ungodly act have not yet been identified, neither are their intentions known.


However, some of the Christians this reporter spoke to suggested that the act could have been orchestrated by those who are envious of Bulamera church getting a parish last year following prolonged pulling of ropes.


Aidah Wabwala, the Mother’s Union President at Bulumera parish urged people neighbouring the church to repent and avoid doing such satanic acts.


Wabwala says that last year, they had a related incident after unknown people broke into the church and disorganized seats of priests, reverend  and other leaders at the altar.  


She urged Christians to remain calm saying that the person who did this act will soon be punished by God indirectly or directly.

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