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Teso Mid-East Livestock Cooperative Gets Brand New Tractor

By Benjamin Epeduno




Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries has finally delivered one brand new Holland tractor with a trailer to Teso Mid-East Livestock Cooperative in Katakwi District.


The general secretary for the cooperative, Simon Peter Atubi on 14th of March 2023 confirmed to the media that the tractor they requested from the Ministry of agriculture in charge infrastructure and mechanisation programme through their area MP, Peter Ogwang, has come at a right time of the rainy season.


“it’s true we have received a new tractor and this will help the farmers do mechanised agriculture, large scale farming and value addition, Viva-Viva president Museveni and our MP” Atubi joyfully revealed to the journalists.


Charles Alemukori and David Kedi all cooperative members, said this will help them increase the mode of farming in their localities and improve livelihoods in their families.


The Ngariam County legislator and also State minister of education and sports (SPORTS) Peter Ogwang therefore, lauded President Museveni for his continued guidance in promoting the development and commercialisation of agricultural sector as a pillar for middle-income achievement for about 68 percent of the smallholder farmers in Uganda.


Ogwang added that, he took time to advise the beneficiaries on how to adapt to the current state of commercial farming as one way of coming out of poverty.


“I implore you my dear people to work as a team and avoid isolating others for personal gains,” Ogwang told the cooperative members while at his farm in Okuliaka village, Okulonyo Sub County.


However, Teso mid-east livestock cooperative has over 130 registered members.


The report compiled shows that, in December 2022 at Namalere national agricultural referral mechanisation centre,  President Museveni handed over 150 tractors to farmer groups across the country and 100 motorcycles to agricultural inspectors, where he tasked them to embrace good farming methods and mechanised agriculture in order to increase productivity.


According to the report, Uganda as a country currently has 4,782 units of tractors both private and government supplied and out of that number, about 25percent of the tractors are in a functional state.

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