Farmers Applaud METGE for Biodegradable Potting Bags

By Emmah Bwayo




Farmers in Bugisu region have applauded Mount Elgon Tree Growing Enterprise for introducing biodegradable potting bags to replace polythene potting bags which they say are unfriendly to the environment.


Speaking to Nursery bed operators like Bernard Muboki, Iddi Khaweka, Sylivia and Sarah Wekesa, biodegradable potting bags will improve the productivity of the soils since they decompose hence adding manure to the soils.


They further request the government together with METGE to provide these biodegradable potting bags at affordable prices for easy accessibility.


Kamende God Mercy, the project officer at METGE says polythene bags destroy the environment by disabling air penetration into the soil hence lowering its productivity.


He also urged farmers to embrace the idea of biodegradable potting bags as one of the ways of conserving the environment.


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