BUSIA: 76 Year Old LC1 Chairman Discovered Dead in Pit Latrine

By Juma Magino



A 76-year old former LC I chairperson of Namusuba village who went missing earlier this week has been discovered dead in a 20 feet pit latrine.

The deceased identified as Semewo Wafula a resident of Namusuba village, Buhehe Parish, Buhehe Sub County in Busia District was discovered dead yesterday, 23rd March, 2023.


According to the LC III chairperson of Buhehe Sub County, Mr. Charles Ouma Hasubeni, the deceased was last seen on Monday 20/3/2023 at Buhehe Trading Center drinking with his friends. He says the deceased would later inform his colleagues that he was on his way returning home.


However, his family did not see him return that evening which prompted them to inform the neighbours who helped by mounting a search for him but in vain.


Ouma says it was until Thursday at around 7AM, when one of the residents entered a latrine and discovered it had fallen inside which made him suspicious and alerted the local leaders in the area who also informed the police that came and retrieved the body of the deceased.


He added that the deceased’s body was not easily discovered because the pit latrine the late fell in, was still under construction and was not open for people to use.


The police later took the body to Masafu General Hospital mortuary for postmortem.


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