SIRONKO: PDM Group Beneficiaries’ Bank Accounts Not Operationalized Month after Launch

By Weswa Ronnie




Group beneficiaries who applied for different enterprises under the Parish Development Model Program in Sironko district are worried after their Bank Accounts still remain non-operational a month after the launch of PDM Cash distribution at the district.


So far majority of beneficiaries across the country in the first phase have opened accounts and have received cash which is not the same in Sironko.


Last month, Sironko district officials led by district PDM focal person, Patrick Okori launched the distribution of cash at Buhugu Sub County where some beneficiaries got money from their respective banks.


Alex Magolu, the LCI Chairperson of Bijewumi says that so far all beneficiaries at Budadiri town council and other neighbouring sub counties have accounts that have not been operationalized or received cash.


He adds that they have tried to seek for an explanation from concerned authorities but they have not got any response.

Magolu says that other beneficiaries from different districts across the country have got cash but they wonder why it is only Sironko affected.


Hamuza Magombe and Base Gimono, all beneficiaries from Budadiri town council, said that they applied to get money and buy seeds to plant for this season.


They add that the planting season is almost ending meaning they are not going to plant yet the money they will get is supposed to be paid back.


Francis Manyaku, the LCIII Chairperson of Budadiri town council has described PDM as a government program which is wasting people’s time and pulling them down in terms of development.


He gave an ultimatum of this month saying that if government fails to open accounts and send money to beneficiaries, he will mobilise them and march to the district in peaceful demonstration to ask the concerned authorities about the delay.


However, Sironko district PDM focal person Patrick Okori has called for calm saying the delay has been caused by post Bank which has slowed down the work of opening accounts for beneficiaries before giving them money.

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