MASABA CULTURAL INSTITUTION: Mwambu Sub Clans in Sironko Elect New Leadership

By Weswa Ronnie




Six sub clans under Mwambu Mwabu main clan in Bubeza sub county Sironko district yesterday, 10th April, 2023 elected new leadership for the first time in ten years without paramount leader.


The six sub clans are Buwakooli, Bunabuka ,Bunyole ,Bugimugu, Bukumbale , and Buyaya all located at Bubeza Sub County.


According to Masaba cultural institution, the three main clans of Mwambu, Mubuya and Wanala all have sub clans at sub county levels.


Those sub clans elect one paramount leader called overall chairperson who reports to Masaba cultural leader.


That overall chairperson plays a number of roles like working with sub clan chairpersons to enforce discipline among children and families through organizing monthly meetings, community works like water source maintenance, performing rituals, organizing circumcision ceremonies among others.


During the election held at Nubeza sub county yesterday, Wesonga Wandera was elected as chairperson, Francis Mafabi the vice chairperson, Sarah Napagi treasurer, Mafabi Robert General Secretary, Mose Masaaba mobilizer, and  Steven Wanzira as committee member.


Wesonga urged all sub clan leaders to work together and bring back discipline among young people which he said is worsening.


He adds that currently youths are involving in sex which is against the norms and culture of Bamasaba and Africa at large.


Wandera also said that he wants to promote the teaching and speaking of Lumasaba at all schools such that the native language cannot perish in future.


Wilson Maberi, the LCIII chairperson of Bubeza Sub County also clan member urged the elected chairperson with his committee to help people to boost their household incomes by involving in government programs like Parish Development Model, youth livelihood program among others.


Suzan Nabubuya also clan member expressed her happiness with the new leadership saying it should work together with Masaba cultural institution to transform locals and Bugisu at large in terms of development and promoting culture.


John Amuram Wabayalila, one of the Umukuka claimants urged Bamasaba to unite and work together for development.


He argued that the current fights at Masaba cultural institution about the truly elected cultural leader is just pushing Bamasaba behind in terms of development and benefiting from this government.

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