Mbale City Authorities Demolish Illegal Structures in Central Business District

By Weswa Ronnie




Mbale City Authorities have demolished illegal structures erected along Bishop Wasike road at Industrial City Division in Mbale City.


The demolitions that were effected on Wednesday, 7th June 2023 next to KCB Bank saw over 100 people who have been operating there lose business.


Mbale city council claims that the structures were illegal and they want to pave way for the construction of a long big sewage pipe.


Agnes Nasaga and Samuel Wagoli, some of the affected business people say that they have nowhere to go and operate from after their houses were broken.


They add that they don’t own the place but they have been renting from owners not knowing that the structures are illegal.


Nathan Wamembo, another victim asked Mbale city to allocate them vacant lockups in the central market such that they can operate from there since they also have families with other responsibilities.


James Kutosi, the Mbale City Communications Officer says that Mbale city had even delayed to vacate those people because Mbale high court ruled last year that those structures are illegal and that the land belongs to Mbale City Council.


“Actually those structures had slowed the construction works of that trench for one year which has been causing flooding in town during rains,” Kutosi said.

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