46 Year Old Budaka Man Arrested For Rupturing 9 Year Old Girl

By Weswa Ronnie




Police at Budaka district are holding 46 year old man on allegations of aggravated defilement.


The suspect is known as James Mboize, a resident of Kaderuna 1 village, Kaderuna parish, Kaderuna Sub County in Budaka district.


According Ndegemo Kamuyati, the victim’s mother, she sent her 9 year old daughter to fetch water at a nearby borehole on Sunday, 9th July 2023.


She says that on her way to the borehole, Mboize convinced her and took her to his house where defiled her from.


Kamuyati says that she followed her daughter after realizing that she had delayed to come only to find Mboize had undressed the kid and was defiling her from his bed room.


She also says that she made an alarm which attracted people who arrested him and took him to police.


Immaculate Emily Alaso, the Bukedi North Region police spokesperson has confirmed the incident saying the suspect is being detained at Budaka central police station waiting to answer charges of aggravated defilement under case number CRB 043/2023.


She adds that they have examined the victim and she is currently receiving treatment after her private parts got ruptured by Mboize.


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