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SOROTI CITY: Sex Workers Open War On Marijuana Smokers For Scaring Away Clients

By Steven Enatu



Commercial sex workers in the corridors of ‘Town Talks’ in Soroti city have threatened to deal with drug addicts whom they accuse of robbing their clients at night hence scaring them away.


In a heated verbal exchange of words last week, the sex workers accused the drug addicts who are always idle and smoking around the corridors for robbing their clients at night of their phones and money.


This stems from the alleged robbery of unidentified soldier’s money worth 200,000shs when he had gone for the services of a commercial sex worker in the ‘talking’ corridor. The soldier allegedly vowed to come back for revenge against the goons.


One sex worker whose identity we concealed said that they are now planning to chase the idle bangi smokers away from the corridors for spoiling their business before security intervenes.


“We want to chase them before the police come in here to probably chase all of us for insecurity and yet they are the ones doing it,” one sex worker angrily expressed herself.


Commercial sex workers have become many in Soroti City much as prostitution in Uganda is still illegal.


Details coming up



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