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Bukedea Town Clerk in Trouble over Weekly Market Revenue Debt


By George Emuron


The chairperson LCIII of Bukedea town council in Bukedea district, Sam Engole has accused the Bukedea Town Clerk, Vicent Akol of allegedly conniving with the weekly market contractor to reduce the amount of money the town council demands.

The town council demands a debt of over one hundred and six million shillings from Bukedea Orongat market vendor’s cooperative society limited.

According to Engole, it’s a surprise that the accused town clerk presented two different reports with varying figures of the demanded debt.

According to the report presented to the office of Inspectorate of Government in Soroti last week (IGG), the first document reads 20,880,000 and another Shs106,880,000.

Mr. Engole said as council this is not acceptable.

“We are aware that we demand a debt of 106,880,000 shillings, not 20,880,000 as the town clerk claims”, said Mr. Engole.

Mr. Vicent Akol, the accused town clerk on Wednesday 19th, July 2023 said the reduction of the debt from 106,880,000 to 20,880,000 million was agreed by the stakeholders.

He said since the council is disregarding the financial report, the two parties will be brought together to harmonize with their financial reports.

“I don’t have the ability to reduce the debt money and I made it clear that I’m not involved in this saga”, said Mr. Akol.

Mr. Sam Okimat, the chairperson of Bukedea Orongat market vendor’s cooperative society limited told this publication that the money the town council is demanding from them as debt is 106,880,000 which they are aware of.

He said they are willing to pay the first 20 million shillings to advance their contract ahead as they wait until the office of the IGG finalizes with its investigation towards the market matter.

“We are aware of the debt but we are willing to pay ahead of our contract as we give IGG time to investigate the market”, said Mr. Okimat.

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