UMUKUKA STALEMENT: Wagabyalile Faction Trashes Gov’t Mediation Efforts

By Weswa Ronnie




A faction aligned to Amram Wagabyalile and one of the claimants to the Umukuka seat has said it will not participate in the mediation talks proposed by the Minister of State for Gender and Culture for Wednesday, 26th July 2023.


Last week, Peace Mutuzo wrote a letter to Wamimbi Weyasa, the former first cultural leader of Masaba institution asking him to call the two rival factions and 26 clan chairpersons and look for ways of coming up with final solutions to the stalement where two factions are claiming Umukukaship.



Since the death of Bob Mushikori, the outgoing cultural leader of Masaba cultural institution in December 2021, Masaba cultural institution has not yet got the 3rd cultural leader up to date after Mike Mudoma and John Amuram Wagabyalia both claimed to be the truly elected cultural leader.


This forced government to put gazettement on halt after the two rivals failed to agree on who was elected legally.


According to a letter seen by our reporter, Minister Mutuzo wanted Weyasa to call the two factions and clan chairpersons on  Wednesday this week, 26th July, 2023 to have talks and agree on one candidate so that teh Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development can gazette.


However, while speaking to the media yesterday, 23rd July, 2023 at a press conference held at Masaba cultural institution offices located at Malukhu, Industrial City division in Mbale city, Francis Odero the General Secretary of Masaba cultural institution says that they are not going to be part of that mediation meeting.


He says that the mediator, Mr. Weyasa Wamimbi, the former Umukuka is already compromised since he is the one who brought and installed Mike Mudoma.


Odero says that the Minister addressed the letter to Bugisu cultural institution, the faction which broke away from Masaba Cultural Institution this year and is headed by Mudoma.


The General Secretary also gave ground that delegates elected John Amuram Wagabyalile and they have finished the coronation just waiting for the government to gazette him.


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