MBALE CITY: Police on Spot for Frustrating Case Where Boda Boda Rider Defiled 2 Children

By Weswa Ronnie
A parent of two minors who were defiled by unknown Boda Boda rider on 17th this month in Mbale city is seeking justice after police frustrating his case over failure to raise a bribe he was asked after reporting.
The parent is known as Peter Kangaaba, a resident of Indian quarters, Industrial city division in Mbale city.
While speaking to media on 19th this month , Kangaaba said that on the fateful day, his two daughters one of 9 years of age and another of ten years all studying at Nabuyoga primary school were defiled by unknown Boda Boda rider who was taking them back home at Malare where their mother resides.
He adds that the incident happened on Friday at 8pm at Malare where Boda Boda man who was taking them home reached a maize plantation and defiled the 9 year old minor after being overpowered by that of 10 years after threatening to kill them. After commiting the heinous act, he tied them together and took off.
After the incident, it was people passing nearby who rescued them after hearing the victims crying for help before taking them home.
Kangaaba also narrated that he rushed the two to Mbale regional referral hospital after being contacted but was told by doctors to first report the case at Mbale central police station before treatment.
He responded by registering the case number 148/18/7/23 at Mbale central police station and pleaded with them to go and do investigation at the scene and check the CCT cameras of sleeping baby roundabout near the Boda Boda stage where he got the unknown rider such that they can trace him but police officers asked him to pay money before which he did not have at the material moment.
However, he asked the well wishes to help him and get justice of his children besides not having money because now his child is rotting  after having her private parts raptured.
Rogers Taitika the Elgon region spokesperson has confirmed the incident saying police is currently doing all it takes to arrest the suspect.
He says that no police officer is above the law , urging the parents to report the officer who asked for a bribe from them to his or her seniors such that the law can take it’s course.
Taitka also urged parents to stop trusting unknown people with their children such that they can avoid such incidents to happen again.
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