Bugisu Cooperative Union Wages War on Persons Encroaching on its Land


By Weswa Ronnie



Bugisu Cooperative Union has embarked on opening boundaries and re-titling all its lands as a way of preventing encroachers.


This was revealed by John Musila, the vice chairman of BCU also Member of Parliament representing Bubulo East constituency in Namisindwa district on Friday.


Musila says that last year, police arrested over ten people and some are still in custody for forging land titles and grabbing 100 hectares of land part of 3,300 hectares of Bunamutye BCU land located at Bunambutye Sub County in Bulambuli district.


He adds that during the annual general meeting held last month, farmers asked the board members to open boundaries by mark stoning and re-titling all their lands.


Musila also says that this boundary opening and re-titling of BCU lands is going to stop conflicts that they have been having with their neighbors.


Isaiah Sasaga Wanzira, director of the Sironko Valley Zone also Member of Parliament representing Budadiri East constituency in Sironko district while speaking to our reporter during boundary opening exercise at Bunambutye BCU land says that this exercise is going to roll everywhere.


He adds that BCU has lots of land at Bugisu and outside and most of the people neighbouring them are encroaching on them.


Sasaga also assured farmers that after boundary opening and re-titling of all BCU land, they are going to rent out to people at a cheaper prices to carry out farming from there such that they can’t be idle which has been attracting grabbers.



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