NAMISINDWA: Magale Sub County Councillors Finalize Move to Censure LCIII Chairperson

By Weswa Ronnie




Councilors of Magale Sub County in Namisindwa district have written a petition to the district chairperson’s office seeking permission and guidance to censure their LCIII chairperson.


They accuse their LCIII chairperson, John Paulo Wasolo for illegally reinstating nine expired board committee members  at Magale Hans Health Centre III who were not approved by council leaving out nine committee members who were approved by council over his personal unknown reasons.



The LCIII chairperson is also blamed for failing to rehabilitate Bumbotso-Mutsasa 4 kilometres road and Bukibeti-Bumulika 4 kilometres road which council allocated 14 million shillings to be worked on in 2022/2023 financial year.


Mary Mukhwana, the Speaker of Magale Sub County who is leading the censure move says that their chairperson doesn’t respect council and councillors prompting all 11 councillors in total to sign a petition aiming at censuring him.


Martine Nabiswa and Marry Florence Mukoya both councillors say that the fights they have with their chairperson have hindered development and service delivery in the sub county.


They added that they want Wasolo to be put aside so that they can elect a new LCIII chairperson who can respect and work together with councillors.


John Paulo Wasolo the LCIII chairperson of Magale Sub County describes the accusations as politically motivated.


He adds that the former 9 board members of Magale Hans Health Centre III performed very well in 2022/2023 that is why they reinstated them for this New Financial Year 2023/2024.

The LCIII chairperson also says that two roads which they claim were not rehabilitated were worked on but money was very little which forced the sub county to do half of planned kilometres.


Jackson Wakwaika the LCV Chairperson of Namisindwa district says they are going to investigate the allegations by hearing the two sides before giving guidance.


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